#NaPoWriMo 2017 National Poetry Writing Month

A Poem A Day For April

#NationalPoetryMonth #NaPoWriMo

Below, you will find the selection of poems I wrote for #NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) where I successfully wrote a poem every day for the whole of April.

Some are meant to be funny, some are deeper and more thought-provoking and some are just downright strange!

But I hope you enjoy reading them.

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April 1st – Running

Step after step, mile after mile
Onwards, circular route or straight line
Plodding on in the name of exercise.
What’s the goal?
Further, faster, better, longer.
It’s all worthwhile in the end



April 2nd –Sunday

Sunday, the day of rest
Where we stay in bed late,
Sit in front of the TV all day,
Stay in our pyjamas
And let the world pass us by.



April 3rd – Pets or Plate?

Different people have different problems, the world is a funny place,
For me the decision I’ve got to make is should they be pets or on a plate?
I’ve looked after them for 8 months now,
I’ve fed them and cleaned up their droppings.
But just imagine them there while you’re having your tea
With various condiments and toppings.

Could I send them to the butcher?
Could I get them chopped up?
Or should we carry on trying to co-exist?
Maybe we’ll stick to the current routine
But Jamaican Goat Curry sounds too nice to resist…


April 4th – Clearing Out

It’s good to have a clear out, to de-clutter, simplify.
To make life somewhat easier as each new day goes by.

Memories are made with friends not with things and stuff.
So have a good old clear out, you’ve already got enough.

Then get out, go on, socialise, spend time with all your mates.
‘Cos whose around when you need them? Them or all your plates?

Material objects don’t mean squat, we leave them on a shelf.
But friends are there no matter what, they’re like nothing else.

Put your life in perspective,don’t go with ‘maybe’ or ‘might’
But instead phone a friend up tomorrow, get out live your life right.


April 5th – Curry

Curry, curry hot, mild and medium too
Curry can be runny or thicker like a stew
Eat with rice or poppadom, naan or sag aloo
Some will go for korma, while others vindaloo.

Onion bhaji,garlic naan,rogan josh and rice.
Prawn puri, saag paneer, tandoori chicken diced.
Everyone has favourites, their regular chosen dish
But who are the weirdos that order curried fish?

Decisions are so vital though it’s easy to forget
How you chose the hot one last time, an end you would regret;
As you smile with fellow diners but the spice begins to threat
And your brow begins to water with the bitter drops of sweat.

“I’m sure it stated medium” you kid yourself throughout
While sodden tissue mops up leaking. There really is no doubt
That you have chosen very badly, but can I do it? Just about,
Because I can’t lose face, I’m British, stiff upper lip is what it’s all about.

Curry, curry hot, mild and medium too
Curry can be runny or thicker like a stew
But let’s not sugar coat the fact that when the night is through
We know that all that’s left is the morning after poo!


April 6th – A Day At The Races (a 2 word poem)

Gates clanging
Hooves clopping
Crowd cheering
Jockeys standing
Grass flying
Up and over
Round the corner
Tight battle
Winner slowing
Cheering harder
Excitement dropping
Horse losing
Start crying
Money draining
Race lost
Hate horses
Sitting Sulking
Going home
Slightly poorer

April 7th –Sunshine Haiku

Sitting in the sun
Forgot to sun cream bald spot
Red head tomorrow


April 8th – Brass Band Acrostic



April 9th – Cinema

Makes you laugh, makes you cry,
You can drive, you can fly.
Meet an alien, make new friends,
From the beginning to the end.
All the action you could want,
Or a romantic restaurant.
Travel to a distant land,
Made of rock or soil or sand
Or covered in water where you dive down deep
Or discover a secret, quietly creep
Whatever you like, wherever you go
The cinema can take you there, you know.


April 10th –Wales

A man once visited Wales
And walked along many of its trails
He relaxed on the sun
And had lots of fun
And thought about never returning back to work and staying there forever…


April 11th – Write Me A Poem

Poems are hard to write, you know
The rhymes have to all be the same.
You can’t just chuck out any old words,
That’s really not the aim.

There has to be a reason behind
The choice of words you use.
A meaning, quite deep, to get people thinking,
But try not to be too obtuse.

It may be a topical point of view
Or something that’s near to your heart.
A hobby or something you quite like to do
Will always give a good start.

Don’t worry about your audience
This poem’s for you, not for them.
If you fill with all of your passion and love
They’ll read it again and again.

Some people think too long and hard
Of the perfect line to start
But my advice is to get something down.
You can always go back and restart.

The first line you write doesn’t have to be
The one that begins your final piece
You can edit and change it as much as you need
Until with the words you make peace.

So give it a go, write a poem today
Get started it’s really not that hard.
Leave a reply on my website so I
Can congratulate the next bard.

April 12th – Red Kites

Red kite flying in the clear blue sky,
Looking for a mouse or shrew from on high.
Eyes like an eagle, ears like a hawk,
Tiptoe as he may, she can hear him walk
Through the grass, through the undergrowth, through the field of rye,
She hovers when she hears him, looking now to spy
Her next meal then she dives, with wings pulled in tight,
Graceful as she goes, swooping from a height;
Chasing prey for her dinner, he can run all he wants
But she is queen around here, it’s all her restaurant.
Pounce…Talons grab and grip the little man,
She jumps back up and straight away she flies, fast as she can.
Back to her own treetop to the refuge that’s her own,
Hard work paying off, now she can rest well in her home.

Day 13 – Bird Bath (inspired by Wendy Cook)

If I didn’t have a bird bath
Where would all the birdies wash?
Would they have to share the others,
‘Cos that would be a squash.

If they cannot find a bird bath
Do they have to have a shower?
Do they wash their feathers with Dove soap
And dry off with a flower?
Will tulips do? Or daffodils?
Do nettles cause them rashes?

Do they check its not to hot or cold
With dainty little splashes?

I’ve watched the birds in bird baths
And they just don’t seem to see,
That bathing involves wading in
Not just paddling to your knees.

I’ve tried to show them how to use
The bird bath on my grass,
But on day one I slipped and fell
Right back onto my arse!

Day 14 – Easter Cinquain

Who was that man?
Did he buy us all eggs?
No. He died to save us from sin.
Nice chap.


April 15th – Queuing

Why do we all like queuing? It’s a thing we love to do
We’ll queue for hours and hours and we won’t complain too.
We see people pushing in but we just stand and watch it happen
People holding places open, oh look, she’s just let her chap in.
Why can’t we do like Italians and just push and shove our way in
Then swear and shout and whinge and moan and make an awful din.
Why do we all like queuing? It’s boring and a pain.
Why can’t we chat to others, instead of standing silently in the rain
Or the blistering sun or the howling wind, it’s never a pleasant day
Why do we all like queuing? Let’s make all the queues go away.


April 16th – Life in Ordinal Numbers

1st was always happy ‘cos he never came in last
While 2nd did a great job but always struggled to get past.
3rd was pretty happy with a place in the top three.
But 4th could never understand why, when considered, he
Was always grouped with 5th and 6th and thought of as first loser.
Where as 7th never made it past the status of non-mover.
Now 8th got bored of people saying he was always last.
He was clever in his own way, though he wasn’t very fast.

So he did a lot of research and he found a music stave
And sitting there in front of him – the answer that he craved.
The 1st note in an octave and the 8th note of the scale
Are the same note when you play them, every time, without fail.
Whether loud or quiet, fast or slow, he didn’t waste time letting people know,
That though his racing wasn’t great
And he always came in 8th,
When you look on life as a whole
And you realise that winning isn’t the goal
And stop only judging books by the cover
Maybe you’ll open your eyes and discover
That 8th can be 1st and 1st can be last.
Put your misconceptions in the past.
Allow everyone to be themself
And don’t hang them out or put them on a shelf

Just because they can’t run.


April 17th – Presidential Clerihew

Donald Trump
That man’s such a chump
Making decisions that affect us all
Let’s take his idea and surround him with his own wall.


April 18th – Lost

Where have you gone?
You were here just a minute ago.
We were waiting together.
One little thing and you run away.
And leave me alone, unable to cope.
Patience, please come back soon.

April 19th – Monorhyme

Holidays are so much fun
Especially when we’re in the sun.
But they go so quick and soon they’re done.
Did we end up, this time, having a good run?
Because the time cannot be undone.
Did we use each moment, every one?
Did we miss a moment, hopefully none.
If we used our time well then we’ve definitely won
The memories together cannot be undone
I think we did it, holiday was number one
So until the next run
Hope you have fun.


April 20th – Horsing Around

I met a cow in a field one day,
He looked at me with ‘udder’ dismay.
A scary sheep was standing by
‘Baa’-ing that, he didn’t reply
A horse walked up, he looked quite nice
He looked at his ‘neigh’bours and said “my advice:
Cows and sheep can be quite rude
But if you find yourself in the mood
I’d like a chat when you’re next passing by
We’ll​ grab a cuppa and time will fly.
I’ll invite the pig, he likes to talk
And maybe I’ll also ask the hawk,
The owl’s a ‘twit’ but can jabber away
But not the cat, I’m afraid to say
She’s one for complaining, I don’t like to whinge,
But she thinks she’s ‘purr’fect which makes us cringe.”
“Thanks for the invite” I started to say
But realised that they’d all walked away.
I was standing there at a gated field
No cow, no sheep, no horse concealed
In the hay, the straw, the barn or stable.
Just me, alone, now was I able
To talk to the animals, hear what they say?
Or am I crazy, like my friends all say?


April 21st – It’s Just A Game

Strolling along down Old Kent Road,
I see a hotel, nice looking abode
But just up ahead by King’s Cross Station,
Is a Chance to purchase in The Angel Islington.
Pass the jail by Marylebone Station
It’s a whole other world, a city, a nation.
All up for grabs by the person who dares
But watch out for all those General Repairs.

Parking is free on the corner of The Strand
Build up your empire and make your place grand.
Just up ahead you’ve got Leicester Square
Some people love it, some just don’t care.
Skip quickly on past the bobby on the beat
And head straight on down to Oxford Street
Where the trains all depart from Liverpool St Station
Not long now until full domination.

Just one more roll and I’ll make it past Go
That £200 is waiting, you know.
The dice leave my hand with a flick to the board
I add up the dots to see what I’ve scored.
I’ve made it, I count on, can’t wait to get there
But wait…I’ve miscounted and land on on Mayfair.

Alas someone owns it, a hotel aswell
It looks like my money is going down the well
It lasted some time but it ended abrupt
And once again it’s me
Sitting there


April 22nd – Dedication

Dedicate yourself to everything you do
Make the greatest effort to achieve
Dedicate yourself to everyone you know
You can do much more than you believe.

Dedicate your time to helping out others
You can make a difference to their lives
Dedicate your effort to showing what you’ve got
Remember only the strongest survives.

Dedicate your energy to improving who you are
Only you can make a difference to you
Dedicate your mind to learning from mistakes
Let your wisdom build up and accrue.

Dedicate the most to be the best you can
Respect and care for others through and through
Dedicate your whole to always be complete
Remember that your life begins with you.


April 23rd – Running

I know day 1 was also titled running but this one is inspired by a different run!

Run for pleasure
Run for fun
Run in The rain
Run in The sun
Run for fitness
Run for health
Run for weight loss
Run for wealth
Run for charity
Run for you
Run for many
Run for few
Run a kilometre
Run a mile
But always remember
To run with a smile


April 24th – Aussie Limerick

The boys at school had to write a Limerick for a Young Farmers event so between us we came up with the following.

There once was a Pommie from Perth
Whose trousers didn’t quite match his girth
He failed to succeed
And tried to proceed
But tumbled back down to the earth


April25th – The Jellabubs

A bit of a nonsense poem, just because!

Under the sofa, about halfway
Is where the Jellabubs love to play.
Giggling here and tittering there;
If you could see them, you’d have to stare.
Collecting detritus, dirt and dust,
Old sticky sweets or a brown bread crust.
A hairpin, a button, a piece from a clock
A belmun, a scrutton, a blue Lego block
Or a yellow or red one, they really don’t mind,
They hunt every day and they’ll take what they find.
Back through their doorway, hidden in the seams,
They crawl, they scutter but follow routines
So they don’t get found out by the big ones upstairs.
The ones who believe that the sofa is theirs.
Their findings they add to the Jella display
Which shows what they found, a beautiful array
Of wiglets and froptules, some covered in grime,
And if it’s a good day, which comes time-to-time,
They might find a grenlow or heblock and then
The Jellabub council (a group of wise men)
Will promote the finder to ‘searcher in charge’
(Though it’s more just a title, by and large)
But nevertheless, this new title comes
With a feast, some fireworks and bashing of drums.

So if you hear squeaks from under your bum
While you sit on the sofa, do not succumb
To the common belief that some oil is needed.
Know the truth and just do what we did –
Have a quick look but you must be quiet
Don’t go round banging and making a riot.
Patiently watch and wait for the sight
Of Jellabubs gathering, by the moonlight.
Under the sofa, about halfway
Is where the Jellabubs love to play.


April 26th – Friendship Rap

I wrote this one a while ago while experimenting with rap rhythm, some long phrases, some short phrases, quick successive rhymes then non-rhyming couplets. Found a new respect for rappers…It’s not easy!

Friends don’t have to be there
To be there
So be fair
If they care
Tell them you do too.

A friend isn’t a person, a friend isn’t a lover
A friend is a feeling, and something you discover
When you’re standing in the rain with them
Sitting on a train with them
Waiting for a plane with them
Taking the blame for them.

A friend is a must, a want, a need
Like having clean air and the ability to breathe
The freedom, positivity, planting a seed
And standing back and watching as they blossom.

Friends are a way of life
Sometimes a husband, sometimes a wife
Some are new, some have been around for ever
Some are stupid, some are clever.
Some need our help, some need our love
But a true friend fits like the perfect glove.

So don’t take friendship for granted
Nurture it and give it time, like a seed you’ve just planted.
Let it go, let it come back
Friendship’s always a two-way track.

Some give and take
Some take and give
Friends will help you learn to live
To ride the storm
To see things through
To choose the best path
When you’re trying something new.

Hold out your hands
Grab hold of your friend’s
And know that they’ll be there
Right to the end.


April 27th – Nobody’s a Nobody

Nobody’s a nobody
Everyone has something
That makes their brain kick
Their heart tick
Something they started
That makes them a somebody

Nobody’s a nobody
Be it swimming or singing
Or running, eating, listening
Or painting or waiting
Or doing geography or history
Or seeing somebody for who they really are
That makes everybody a somebody

Nobody’s a nobody
But Nobody’s an everybody
Because nobody’s perfect
Linford Christie’s not good a frisbee
Michael McIntyre couldn’t be in a choir
Ronan Keating has a problem with eating
Stephen Fry always burns apple pie
But if we look at who we are
And not who we’re not
Then everybody is a somebody

Nobody’s a nobody
Some people are quiet
Some are loud
Some wouldn’t stand out in a crowd
Some get lost on the M25
Some climb mountains to feel alive
Some have children
Some are gay
Some feel it their duty to brighten up your day
This makes everybody a somebody

Nobody’s a nobody
Because no-body is just
Arms, legs and a head on the floor
And sometimes we may feel like that
A pile of parts
We don’t know where to start
Our world’s been pulled apart
Just remember your ‘something’
Your one thing
The thing that makes your eyes glint
Your smile win
And turns that frown
Upside down
Because everybody’s a somebody

Nobody’s a nobody
Don’t get out of bed
With a negative head
Don’t start your day
Without a spring in your step
Find your Special K
Whatever helps you feel OK
Or turns the ‘OK’ into ‘Great’
Or the ‘Great’ into ‘Amazing’
Because you are amazing
And remember
Everybody’s a somebody
You are somebody
Don’t be a nobody


April 28th – Skeltonic Verse

The #NaPoWriMo website suggests a prompt for each day. I’ve not followed them thus far but today’s is to follow the Skeltonic Verse Form so here’s an attempt:

Ready for bed
Clearing my head
By reading a book.
Taking a look
At the pages in front of me
Letting the stresses be
Taken away and…sleep


April 29th – Brymore 3Rs

We have 3Rs here at Brymore – Responsibility, Resourcefulness and Resilience so I’ve tried to fit something around them today…

Responsibility comes to those who deserve it
Those who have earnt it
Those who try.
Responsibility comes to those who work for it
Those who want for it
Those who reach for the sky.
Responsibility comes to those who seek it
Those who push for it
Those who search.
Responsibility comes to those who aim for it
Those whose goals are it
Those who know its worth.

Resilience is internal,
We build this ourselves
Respecting our self worth
Believing in me, believing in us
Getting on, head down
Not making a fuss.
Resilience is learnt
Through mistakes we make
Getting up again
Trying to do right
Not giving but it instead
Putting up the fight.

Resourcefulness needs good thinking,
Lateral, logical or both.
It requires knowing the end point
It requires believing in growth.
Using what we know
Using what we’ve got
Using those around us
Sometimes giving it a shot –
A go, an attempt, a try, a chance
Seeing the result and using it to advance.
Resourcefulness may not be our own
Use those around you.
Their skills could astound you
Confound you
Complement yours.
Working together to pool our ideas
Overcome our fears
And making things better
For everyone.

Responsibility, resilience, resourcefulness,
Three key ideals
To help you appeal
To your own better you


April 30th – The End

The end has come
It’s time to leave
These words behind
Can you believe
These 30 poems
Have lasted a month
Every day
Some great, some gumpf
But all for you
To read, enjoy
To bring a smile
To bring you joy
To make you laugh
To make you think
In black and white
On screen (not ink)
Some day you might
Return to them
Remind yourself
Of what and when
Of who you are
Or where to head
To cherish life
And who you’ve led
A public speech?
A child in need?
Story telling?
An assembly?
The words don’t come
So naturally
All of the time
To some degree
So if you don’t
Know what to say
Just take a look
At ellisholt.co.uk


4 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    Ellis, I admire your task
    but a poem a day is one big ask
    A rhyme, a rhyme a day is fine
    but 30 days could be a sign… of madness!

  2. Helen says:

    Sorry meant to post yesterday

    Yesterday I went to sea,
    Was a happy as happy as I could be
    Saw a pod of dolphins, Out of sight of the coast
    We’d rushed over waves, it was the most… amazing

  3. Sycorax w. says:

    Really like some of these!

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